Cheesey Love Biscuits


This recipe was adapted from one I found far too crumbly and dry. Although this sneaky snack is for kids, that crumbliness pissed me off. These biscuits have a light crunch and a slightly gooey inner sanctum. And who can resist a gooey inner sanctum, I ask you?! Cheese can be contentious, and I try not to overdo it, but you can’t deny its value in providing calcium and protein to busy little bones. Cheesey Love bickies are a handy snack, and my tiny human loves munging on these bad boys. Here we go:


– 1/2 cup self-raising flour

– 1 and 1/2 cup grated cheese (loosely packed)

– 50g soft butter

– tiny itsy bitsy sprinkle of garlic salt (omit if you so desire!)

– you can also pop in some dried herbs like rosemary, chilli, whatever your wee one fancies

 Cheesify your love:

– preheat oven to 190

– mix all ingredients together with your hands. Let’s be clear – this is a prick of a job. You really have to squeeze that shit and force those ingredients to be lovers. But once they fuse, baby, it’s all good

– sprinkle a little flour over a breadboard and roll out that dough (to around 0.5cm thick). It can be a little cranky and crumble somewhat, but don’t be disheartened

– use a love-heart shape-cutter (or stars, ducks, circles, I’m not completely fixated on the hearts however it will ruin the name which upsets me) to cut the biscuits and lay them on a baking paper covered tray, and bake for around 8 minutes, maybe more (they should be golden)

– when cool pop them in the hands of your little one and soak up that Cheesey Love

 Happy munching,

Shannon x

2 thoughts on “Cheesey Love Biscuits

  1. Danni Sandford

    Hi Shannon! I’ve just made a batch of your cheesey love biscuits! They’re great. I whizzed up the dough though as I thought “surely that’ll be right”. It was a very crumbly mixture that I couldn’t roll out. BUT I could shape into balls easy enough and then flattened them, and voila! Cheesey love bites! (No hearts in ours, but name will stick for sure!) Yum. I looooove savoury anything so hopefully a few of these make it to my little boy and I just don’t eat them all. Thanks!! Xxx

    • Hey Danni! I’m glad you’re digging the Cheesey Love bickies! 😀 Good on you for not giving up when it went a bit awry! I think you’re right, and the mixture is too much for a food processor to handle, it needs the force of two squishing hands to make it all squish together! When you’re rolling it out it will crumble in places but should stay together for the most part. I hope your little man gets his little piglet trotters stuck right into them <3 Thanks very much for the feedback, Shannon x

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