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Move over, Spaghetti Bol, you are yesterday’s bread. And not just because you make our children’s shit smell positively worse than shit. You can bugger off because this lovely guy here is packed with fabulous fats like omega-3, to keep those little cheeks chubby and those bodies and brains growing healthily. The best bit about this meal? It is as easy as having a (stinkless) shit.


– Cooked pasta (whatever your little human loves)

– one small tin (95g) of cooked tuna in spring water, water drained (unless you want it to be like some freaky soup. Perhaps your kid has been naughty and they deserve it, I don’t know)

– 1/4 avocado, smooshed

– 2 tablespoons of cream (you may need more, just go by feel)

– tiny, little, baby, iddy-biddy portion of minced garlic

– a handful of baby spinach leaves finely chopped (or baby kale or something else green)

– small dob of butter

 How to move on from the stinky Spag Bol shits:

– boil up your little possum’s pasta

– melt the butter over a low-med heat and add the garlic for a cheeky little fry

– chuck in your spinach and tuna, until the spinach wilts slightly and the tuna is warmed through

– next stir in the cream and avocado

– turn off the heat

– serve it all up to your crazy kid

– prepare for your little human to have cat breath. But it’s worth it.

 Can it get any easier?!

Shannon x

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