Turkey Splats


Quick, healthy, tasty, friggin’ easy. The Pamela Anderson of meals. Actually, she’s probably not technically ‘healthy’. But let’s move on, STDs and toddler meals lacks a certain congruence. So, the turkey. Lean, flavoursome, and cheap (I’m trying to move on from Pammy, I swear). It’s lovely. Add in undetectable vegetables, nutritious egg, and whole-grains, and you have yourself a well-balanced and well-received meal for tiny humans. So grab yourself some turkey and get splatting.

 Ingredients (yields about 10):

– about 100g turkey mince

– 1/3 carrot, grated

– small handful chopped baby spinach leaves

– 1 small egg

– 2 tablespoons bread crumbs

– 2 tablespoons cooked brown rice

– 1 teaspoon honey

– a baby size blob of butter

 And the turkey goes splat:

– smoosh everything together, merge that shit

– make meaty little balls, about the size of a golf-ball

– get that cute little blob of butter melting in a frypan over a medium heat

– chuck your balls into the frypan and make them go splat. Cook for a few minutes. Flip it regularly so it doesn’t char up too much for your wee one

– fling them out and onto a plate. You can serve them alone (as they contain vegetables, carbs and protein!) or in a bun, or with extra vegetables if you want to scam your tiny human

 Easy is goooooooooood,

Shannon x

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