Sweet Potato Ripper Chips


My son loves hot chips. Like some sort of a fiend. It’s a mixed feeling for me – I love watching him enjoy a food so much, but I feel like a dingaling for letting him eat deep-fried food often. To avoid the angst, I make these, and he loves them so much he shovels them in like a little piglet. I have started slicing them thinner so he doesn’t accidentally plug up his little trachea. He needs that thing to live. Sweet Potato Ripper Chips: I heart you!


– sweet potato cut into chips (however much you think your pup will eat)

– butter or coconut oil or olive oil (my wee chap’s favourite is butter, of course)

Let the chips rip:

– get your fat of choice heating in a frypan over a low-med heat (a lower heat stops oils/fats from deteriorating)

– pop your sweet potato in and keep an eye on those little darlings. They will cook in around 5 minutes but they need frequent turning to avoid burning. The turn prevents the burn – channel a rotisserie

– get that nutritious treat into your little lamb’s hands

Chips ahoy!

Shannon x

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