Lamb Baby-Burgers


Food for toddlers needs to be easy. Because that way, if they decide to:

a) throw it

b) refuse it without even trying it

c) just generally be a dick,

as the home-chef, you aren’t as devastated. These Baby-Burgers are brilliant. You can serve them in a bun, with other vegies (eg. Sweet Potato Ripper Chips), or solo, whatever works for your little dick. They also act as sneaky vehicles for nutritious whole-grains and vegetables. Haha! Sucked in kids, you cheeky little bastards.


– about 100g good quality lamb mince

– a few tablespoons of cooked brown rice (or breadcrumbs if you can’t be fucked with the rice, but the rice is better!)

– 1 egg

– a handful or two of finely chopped baby spinach/kale

– 1+ tablespoons of a grated vegetable (like carrot)

– 1 or 2 tablespoons grated cheese (depends on your bambino’s cheese-affinity)

– oil/butter for cooking

Baby gets Burger:

– give your hands a good washin’. They have some smooshing to do

– in a bowl, combine the mince, egg, cooked brown rice, and vegetables. Now get your paws in and give that all a good smooshing. The end result will be quite sticky because of the egg, in fact, it will stick like shit to a blanket

– form the meaty-gooey-shit into little balls

– heat up your butter/good oil in a frypan over a low-med heat

– the next bit is the fun bit. Get the balls into the frypan. Now flatten them like they belong to Rolf Harris


– these fellas need some frequent turning, but bless them, they cook in just 4 or 5 minutes

Feel free to act like a smug arse-hat when your toddler enjoys these hidden vegies,

(and you didn’t even have to tie them down, sport!)

Shannon x

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  1. Gangle

    These are amazing! My 11 month old bubba loves em. Shannon could you pretty please do some quick baby friendly recipes for the whole family? I hate making two different meals all the time and my husband refuses to eat puree!

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