Nuts for Apples


The number one priority for any human snacker is taste. Unless you’re a freaky food-saint who “really just loves plain almonds and green tea and carrot sticks”. If you are one of those freaky food-saints, then go away, because nobody likes you. So, we have established taste as number one priority. Next is health, followed by ease. Let’s deliver on this trifecta: here is a fucking tasty, healthy, easy snack – Nuts for Apples. I didn’t invent this combination, but I sure do love it.

– one fresh, sweet apple (Pink Lady is a grand choice)
– 1/3 tablespoon peanut butter
– 2/3 tablespoons almond butter
(Whatever, really. Like more peanut butter than that? I don’t give a fuck, have more. “Oh that’s too much fat, that’s silly business”, suit your damn self, cut back and feel superior. You’re the master of your own snacking).

Go Nuts:
– slice up yo’ apple
– mix up your nut butters
– dip and go, motherfuckers, dip and go

Stay classy, friends
Shannon x

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