Tasty Water


This is what people commonly refer to as “Vitamin Water”, which I find silly. If I was only interested in the fucking vitamins, I would just eat the entire piece of fruit and call it a day. The point of this ludicrous act, if you ask me, is to mask water in fruity goodness so I can bring myself to shove it down my gullet in adequate volumes. I know I’m not alone here. Sometimes I could be as parched and dry as an angry wife, but I still can’t bring myself to drink water. I want something with a taste. So this is the answer. Tasty Water. The fact that water soluble vitamins and antioxidants will diffuse into the water is just a bloody bonus.


– ahhhhh, water (let’s say 1 litre)

– about 1/2 cup blackberries (fresh or frozen)

– 5 or so fresh sage leaves

(or you could try watermelon and rosemary, or orange and kiwi, or strawberry and mint, or lemon and ginger, just use whatever the fuck you have handy, it will work out. Maybe steer clear of banana, that might get weird)

Let’s drink:

– bang it all in a jug

– put that shit in a fridge

– leave it for as many hours as you can resist (overnight is stellar)

– consume and hydrate like a camel

– piss clear like a clean fountain

Hydratingly yours,

Shannon x

4 thoughts on “Tasty Water

    • Just whack it straight on in. I use one of those iced-tea jugs so the fruit sits in a caged off area so its chunky bits don’t escape 😉 The flavours and some nutrients (those that are water-soluble) will diffuse into the water. Hooray!

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