Lovely Little Egg Bites


It doesn’t get much easier than this, you lazy sods. This is the perfect snack. It is high in protein so it is satisfaction in a chomp: Lovely Little Egg Bites. Poor old eggs, they really copped it back in the day, vilified as artery clogging beasts. Luckily, research caught up, and they have been welcomed back into society, for the little rippers that they are. But, let’s be honest, and acknowledge that eggs need a bit of jazzing up. No worries: whip yourself a simple, cheeky sauce. Done. If you need more of a reason to eat eggs, know that they have shitloads of energy poppin’ Vitamins B6 & B12, Vitamin D to bonify you, plus immune-boosting zinc. That does it for me! Plus I have an excessive egg-supply as my two gorgeous chooks lay faster than a teenage boy.


– 1 hard boiled egg

– 1 teaspoon coconut yoghurt (eg. CoYo) or natural yoghurt

– 1/4 teaspoon Dijon mustard

– a cheeky little sprinkle of sesame seeds

It’s eggcellently easy:

– cut your boiled egg in half, lengthways

– mix together your cute, minuscule volumes of yoghurt and Dijon mustard

– spoon that lovely little sauce onto your egg halves, then shower those wondrous bisections in some sesame seeds

Snack on, my chums,

Shannon x




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