Campfire Bananas


Righto, so let’s be clear, these Campfire Bananas are a little bit naughty. They’re not outrageously bad, it’s not like they’re Hannibal Lecter in ‘Silence of the Lambs’ bad.. they’re more like the hyenas in ‘The Lion King’ bad. But they’re natural and they’re friggin’ tasty. I got the idea for these bad-boys from my childhood camping adventures – stuffing a banana with shitloads of dirty chocolate, wrapping him up in a foil blanket, then chucking him in the fire to roast. Beautiful. Now, I’m aware that the above photo is not entirely appealing. But it gets worse. Check this grotesque image out:


What a ripper. It looks as though a doodle has met a rather unfortunate fate whilst playing the back nine. Not something you generally want in your gob. But give it a chance, chums. It’s a tasty rod.


– a banana

– a few pieces of good chocolate

– a sprinkle of cinnamon

– a cute little dob of butter or coconut oil

– a drizzle of honey

Let’s go campin’:

– so, get a fire roaring. Or, get your oven cracking on 200

– slit your banana open like you’re gutting a poor fish, and make a nice little pocket in there. You can leave the skin on, or peel it. Obviously you won’t eat the damn skin later, but you can use like a cute little peel-boat and it also retains a bit of extra moisture

– now pop a smidge of butter in him, just a wee greasin’

– next, stuff the chocolate in there

– now sprinkle some cinnamon over that whole arrangement

– finally, it’s honey time. Give it a drizzlin’

– wrap him up in foil like the precious little bundle that he is, and get him in the fire/oven. He’ll take about 25 minutes to get all soft and melty and lovely

– open him up and love that goo

I nearly called them Backdoor Bananas, but I took the high road.

Shannon x

5 thoughts on “Campfire Bananas

  1. Grace Muita

    Great discovery u found there about campfire bananas Shannon!I just love the way it appears….delicious!Thanks for the recipe too…i must try it out here on Kenya with friends.

  2. Peter McMahon

    BBQ the banana skin on till it starts to rupture, empty the banana into a plate add a little ice cream and a generous helping of Baileys cream whisky liqueur. Chocolate optional. Totally mind blowing.

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