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Get your funnies out!


I have been collecting items for a little gift bag for one of you awesome champions, but you must win my gift and love through comedy. If you haven’t already, head to Shannon’s Kitchen Facebook page, and enter my competition to win this grouse prize by telling a joke. The person with the joke that gets the most likes will win! Obviously you have to ‘like’ my Facebook page to be eligible to win this because I’m a narcissistic dickbeetle rather than a bloody charity. All of these items have been purchased by me because I’m fucking grouse and I love these Aussie products (and I love you guys). Even if you live in fucking Iceland, if you win, I will mail it.

Make me laugh, fuckers,

Shannon x


  1. EmilyMaine says:

    lol oh how the challenge to be funny makes me decidedly unfunny!

  2. Lori Jones says:

    A few weeks back one of my mates accidentally swallowed two bits of string ….couple days later they came out tied together…… I shit you knot.

  3. Penny Robertson says:

    What do you call a man with a mushroom for a dick? Fungi

  4. Caroline says:

    What do you call a man with 50 rabbits up his arse? Warren!

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