Shannon’s Kitchen: The Cookbook PRE SALE IS OPEN!

It’s bloody HAPPENING.

Pre-order is OPEN*.

My vulgar little book baby is coming in early December 2017. Santa is high-fiving me right now and I’m not going to lie to you, I totally deserve it. 

60 recipes (healthy breakfasts, main meals, sweets/snacks) with a shitload of silly stories, excessive cursing and new heights of erection discussion (both peen and nipple, I don’t discriminate). Hopefully lots of you buy this, because otherwise I may end up pimping out my anus and I have haemorrhoids so that could be quite dangerous. I don’t want to be found dead with descended pantaloons laying in a pool of my own arse-balloon blood. So be a dear, and please buy my book. You will be DELIGHTED**. To secure a copy, head here.


Shannon x

*I built the website myself so if it buggers up, look.. I’m sorry.

**If you tend to be offended by crude language or discussion of ballsacks/rooting/bodily fluids of all types then perhaps do not proceed, just stick with Donna Hay.

P.S. If you are too povo to afford pre-ordering this book, send me an email ( and I will order extra copies and give you first option to buy. And if you don’t follow through and buy it I WILL come to your home and urinate in your pot plants.

5 thoughts on “Shannon’s Kitchen: The Cookbook PRE SALE IS OPEN!

  1. So… here’s the thing… I IMMEDIATELY purchased one for myself. Then I thought: “Hang on, my expatriate favoured sibling is/was President of Le Cordon Bleu, Pasadena campus. As an ex-pat Aussie living in Yank-land he NEEDS at least TWO copies of a true-blue, fair dinkum, peen-loving crock-shittery. One to keep and one to give away … lets educate these fuckers!” He is a highly-respected chef. Lets see where this takes you! LOL

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