A little love for my foreign homies

Once upon a time, I was in a foreign land and drank myself to oblivion. The sort of drinking that normally ends up in hospitalisation, sexually transmitted infections or shaved eyebrows. However, the next day—as I awoke snug as a bug wrapped in the shower-curtain I’d inadvertently torn down and used as a duvet—I felt fresh as a daisy. On top of the world. Ready for action. The reason? I was still shit-faced. Even as I sobered up throughout the day, the beautiful sights and the wonderful people I encountered were enough to keep me chuffed as fuck. I love our planet and the people around it. There are readers of Shannon’s Kitchen from all over the world, and I’m bloody delighted to tell you that a retailer is shipping copies of my very inappropriate cookbook internationally and they charge ZERO for shipping. I don’t know how the fuck that is possible given Australia is at the arse-end of the world. Perhaps they’re stapling books to whales’ backs and hoping for the best? Maybe they’re tying them to empty beer cans and willing them to float their way to you? I have no idea. Anyway, if you fancy a copy of Shannon’s Kitchen: Healthy Food You’ll Actually F**king Eat here’s the link, friends.


My foreign homies: Buy this piece of awesomeness HERE and please keep helping the stupid drunk Aussie girls.

9 thoughts on “A little love for my foreign homies

  1. Mairin Taylor

    You are awesome…. and so are your recipes. I am happy I can get it anywhere! From a Kiwi on an island in Japan xx

    • Shannon

      HOORAY for the Kiwi in Japan! I love Japan – I’m trying to convince Mr Shannon to spend the New Year there with our little boys for some snowboarding and yummy food. Thanks so much for giving a fuck about my silly book x

  2. YESSSS SHANNON!!!! I bloody LOVE your cookbook! Your butter chicken went down a treat at a foul-mouthed, penis-discussing girls night recently. Now that it’s shipping here, I’M BUYING COPIES FOR EVERYONE! Christmas is sorted. xxx

  3. Tina Toran

    Ordering two (one for me and one for the woman who turned me on to you): sharing in the U.S. If we have to move (insane pres) can we come stay with you?

  4. VIrginia Scholz

    In the words of my former beau, TITS!
    One for me….one for my sis…..one for a special gift to spread the laughter. And recipes of course. 🙂

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