In early August, I put a shoutout on my Instastories saying I would donate $10 from each sale of Shannon’s Kitchen that day to Buy a Bale. After all, it’s been a pretty shit time for many Aussie farmers.

Well, people went balls deep! I was up till 2am packing orders. The next day my arms were so tired I wouldn’t have even been able to say yes to an invitation to pull a Hemsworth whistle; I could’ve barely lifted a cocktail frankfurt let alone Thor’s almighty junk.

But it felt so good making a big donation so I continued to donate $2 from every copy sold for the rest of August.

In total, $950 was donated to Buy a Bale. That’s a shitload of hay for hungry animals — so thank you so much for the support of Shannon’s Kitchen, you’re good eggs.


Shannon x


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