health shit

Here you will find articles about health-related shit. You may find it interesting or you may find it as friggin’ boring as an alcohol-free family reunion. No biggie.

Shannon x

A brief guide on how to avoid being a body-shaming dickbeetle

Chocolate: the shit and the excellent

Don’t be a ballsucker about nut allergies

Eat your heart out: preventing cardiovascular disease

Foods your toddler might f**king choke on

Is coconut oil just for rubbing on your titties, or is it truly a ‘superfood’?

Margarine is bullshit

Ok.. Diets suck penis, but what the f**k should I eat?

Omega-3 fatty acids and you

Shannon’s Kitchen’s shit list


6 thoughts on “health shit

  1. One knows that one has found a kindred spirit when one only disagrees with the minor disrespect towards Kale and Crocs. The language is a fruity delight and abso-fucking-lutely appreciated here in Blighty. Curse on my friend.

  2. Bek

    Praise the fucking lord. Just moved from San Francisco to Perth and I’m so happy to learn about your fucking awesome blog. I was beginning to think everyone in Australia was sincere as a little deaf puppy. What? I don’t know. My point is, thank you. I am going to bake the shit out of those seedy crackers.

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