lamb cutlets with eggplant wiggly sticks and buttered carrots


Perfect for a hungry toddler. Those fiesty cutlets provide necessary iron for growth and development, and the eggplant wiggly sticks should keep the little menaces entertained. Now, the carrot. It’s deceptive this carrot. It is juicy and sweet and easy for them to shove into their tiny faces. Don’t judge it until you’ve fried it.


– eggplant cut into strips (as much as you think they will eat. Bear in mind it cooks down)

– carrot sticks (again, same as above)

– butter, the goo of the gods

– cutlets

Make it happen:

– melt butter in a fry pan. Be generous, people. And don’t use margarine, it’s ridiculous for so many reasons (both in flavour and health)

– add in the eggplant and carrots. Turn these little babies regularly so they don’t burn. Be warned: the eggplant will get wiggly. They will cook in around 5 minutes. Take them out of the pan and allow to cool slightly (no bub burns)

– pop those cutlets into the frypan. Turn them reguarly (like every 30 seconds), this will keep them juicy. I cook ours for around 5 minutes as we serve them medium-rare.

– plate it up for your little darling. Slice up that lamb so the poor dears don’t choke.

And while you’re at it, why not eat this yourself?!

Shannon x