Chilli Prawn Zasta


We have a dish in my house that just solves problems. Feeling tired? Prawn pasta. Feeling cranky? Prawn pasta? Feeling so hungry you could eat the jocks of a plump man who has just done 100 squat-thrusts? Prawn fucking pasta. But it came at a cost: that fucker was full of butter, wheat pasta, and cream. Holy shit. I could not give up on its other healing powers, though. So I got in that kitchen with determination, and turned that unhealthy son-of-a-bitch into a healthy, hearty, warming meal that leaves you with zero guilt. No bloody worries, mates. Oh, and P.S. Zasta is ‘zucchini pasta’. Feel free to applaud my cleverness. I did.

Ingredients: (serves 2 small eaters or 1 greedy-guts)

-150g raw prawns (get shelled ones – don’t be silly)

– 3 tablespoons coconut cream

– 1 tablespoon lemon juice

– 2 cloves of garlic, minced (or 2 tsp of the already crushed stuff)

– handful of chopped flat-leaf parsley

– 1 birdseye chilli, finely chopped

– 1 tsp coconut oil (or whatever but it’s bloody tasty)

For the Zasta:

– 2 zucchinis. These scallywags need to be cut into pasta-like strips. You can do this with a julienne peeler; or with a knife and fucking patience; or a fancy spiralizer. If you’re confused, google ‘zucchini pasta’

– 2 tsps coconut oil (or butter)

How to solve your problems:

– get one frypan heating up over a medium heat and pop the oil in

– when that’s ready, throw in the garlic and let it have a little sizzle

– bang your prawns in and give them a good flick around, they’ll get all coated in the garlic, yessssssssssssssss

– now get your chilli in on the action and stir that too. Let that all mingle for a couple of minutes

– when the prawns have just turned opaque, add in the parsley and the coconut cream

– while the prawns are bubbling away for a couple of minutes, get another frypan heating up to make your zasta. Get the oil in there and when it’s hot, throw in those zucchini strips and sauté for a minute or two (you want it so that it resembles cooked spaghetti) so use your judgement and get it out and into a bowl as soon as it’s done

– back to our prawns. These little bastards cook pretty quickly so they’ll be ready by now. Add in your lemon juice. Have a taste. Does it need more lemon juice? Any salt? If so, bang it in. You want your tastebuds to exclaim “Jesus, dude, you have got it going on tonight”

– that’s it. Get your prawns on top of your zasta and make sure you get some of that creamy sauce on there. Levels of wetness matter

– love it


This one excites me, people. It’s revo-fuckin-lutionary in my house.

Shannon x

Tuna Pasta with Greeny-Bits


Move over, Spaghetti Bol, you are yesterday’s bread. And not just because you make our children’s shit smell positively worse than shit. You can bugger off because this lovely guy here is packed with fabulous fats like omega-3, to keep those little cheeks chubby and those bodies and brains growing healthily. The best bit about this meal? It is as easy as having a (stinkless) shit.


– Cooked pasta (whatever your little human loves)

– one small tin (95g) of cooked tuna in spring water, water drained (unless you want it to be like some freaky soup. Perhaps your kid has been naughty and they deserve it, I don’t know)

– 1/4 avocado, smooshed

– 2 tablespoons of cream (you may need more, just go by feel)

– tiny, little, baby, iddy-biddy portion of minced garlic

– a handful of baby spinach leaves finely chopped (or baby kale or something else green)

– small dob of butter

 How to move on from the stinky Spag Bol shits:

– boil up your little possum’s pasta

– melt the butter over a low-med heat and add the garlic for a cheeky little fry

– chuck in your spinach and tuna, until the spinach wilts slightly and the tuna is warmed through

– next stir in the cream and avocado

– turn off the heat

– serve it all up to your crazy kid

– prepare for your little human to have cat breath. But it’s worth it.

 Can it get any easier?!

Shannon x